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August Musings: BUTTER

On this months installment of Monthly Musings, we've put together a color palette based on rich and creamy hues that we like to call Butter.

August brings about that golden feeling of summer, when the heat has us reaching for a sun drenched palette of rich, yellow hues. Butter, the color we feel most inspired by this month, is the perfect reminder for us at RDCO to soak in all of the decadence that August has to offer.


There is nothing that we at RDCO love to obsess over more than food. Interior design feeds our soul, but food... food is the pleasure that feeds our creative energy! We can wax poetic about our love for provisions all day, but the one thing that we can agree on is professing our love for BUTTER.

If you've ever had the simple pleasure of spreading a decadent European style butter onto a toasted slice of bread, then you know that there are few things in life that can beat the utter satisfaction that it brings... (here's looking at you, brown butter chocolate chip cookies). Whether it's a savory dish like buttery lemon pasta, a simple buttered popcorn, or a buttery glass of chardonnay (Hello, Rombauer!), we simply cannot get enough.

Hot tip: Always look for European or European style butters at your local market to get the best quality for an ultra creamy, nutty, and decadent taste. Some of our favorite brands include the French made Le Beurre de Bordier, Beurre d'Isigny, Les Prés Salés, Beurre de Barratte and Echire. For US churned butters, we always reach for Ploughgate Creamery, Vermont Creamery, Kerry Gold and Plugra.


Something about sun drenched yellows and golds really compliment those warm days to brighten up our interior. Hints of brass and buttery browns are making their way into our homes this August, which happens to carry on seamlessly into fall.

Can you tell by our mood board that we are loving all of the patterns this month? Checkers and stripes in a buttery gold can bring the fun back into even the hottest of summer days.

One thing that we can't get enough of in the shop is adding fun pops of color into our drinkware rotation, which makes summer sipping that much more enjoyable. Opt for bright colors for your stemware in the summer with fun architectural shapes to compliment a bold & buttery Chardonnay.

Our favorite items in-store include the ultra stylish checkered throw blanket, which we've found perfect for backyard al fresco dinners and summer picnics out and about. Another shop favorite includes the brass mills that elevate a mundane item into a table top conversation piece.


Not only is butter the perfect color palette, but it is the best way to describe luxuriously smooth textures. Whether we are lathering ourselves in a decadent body wash, prepping our skin with a rich face oil, or indulging by the ocean in creamy cashmere sweaters, we like to encapsulate that buttery soft feeling throughout our day!

If you've stuck around with us since our first installment of Monthly Musings, then you know we are (not so quietly) obsessed with Clare V. products! When we took a sneak peak at the French brands' newest charm selection, we all screamed with absolute excitement that they introduced the "Beurre" charm! Honestly, a match made in heaven for our team.

Keeping the rich yellows alive in August means pairing the color with statement textures in warm navy hues (a staple in our closet). Denim balances the decadent creamy palette so perfectly to create the perfect looks for August. On your next coastal getaway escapeing the valley heat, opt for creamy leather slides, white linens, a tinted pair of sunglasses, and an opulent creamy nail color.

We are so ready to bask in the golden yellow buttery hues of August, and we hope that youARE as well! Thank you for joining us as we indulge in the rich palette of tastes and textures that we have put together for you on this months installment of Monthly Musings. Cheers!

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